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Alloy Wheels

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Mozambique 20X8.5 6/114.3 ET20 CB76.1
MOZAMBIQUE truck wheels by Black Rhino . The Mozambique wheel by Black Rhino is a concave Rotary Forged style wheel designed for trucks. The Mozambique is designed with seven thick spokes which concave deep into the center of the wheel, bringing out what most call an aggressive look
£315.46 (ex. VAT)
Peak (1)
The PEAK is a sleek six spoke with smooth accent lines in the center of each spoke. To add to the look each spoke rolls back with a nice concave to give that sporty feel. When you are looking at the top, reach for the PEAK for your Truck and SUV. Available in 20,22 in Matte Black or Gloss Black with a Mirror Cut Face.
£315.23 (ex. VAT)