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Body Lift Kits

SUVs are not understated, they shouldn’t blend in, they demand to be seen. Ask any SUV enthusiast what they want in a SUV and they'll tell you height. Aside from the stunning optic there’s a practical aspect to height; bigger wheels can be fitted allowing for more ground clearance and greater off-road freedom. delta4x4, Bavaria’s leading off road specialist are the go-to experts for body lift kits. Delta4x4 offers a variety of lift kits which can also be fitted in combination, they range in size from 40mm to a whopping 140mm.

THE Delta4x4 signature lift kit is the Body Lift Kit, this kit uses longer cables, distance blocks and pipes to gain the lift. This kit comes in 3 sizes: 40mm, 50mm and the massive 100mm. For those clients of ours who want to retain the integrity of the original undercarriage the Body Lift Kit does not Impact on the shock absorbers neither that of the leaf springs. We offer the Body Lift Kit for pick-ups including: VW Amarok, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara Frontier, Mitsubishi Triton L200, Isuzu D-Max, Toyoto Hilux and also for the Toyoto Landcruiser.

The delta4x4 Suspension Distance Kit, SDK, adds 40mm by extending the rear shock absorbers and distancing the original front axle shock absorbers. The SDK in combination with the 100mm Body Lift Kit enables a staggering 140mm lift. We offer the Suspension Lift Kit for the following European pick-ups: VW Amarok, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara Frontier, Mitsubishi Triton L200, Isuzu D-Max, Toyoto Hilux. We also approve this lift kit for the Volkswagen VW Bus T5 and T6.

Delta4x4 has enhanced the Suspension Distance Kit exclusively for SUVs. This kit consists of more coated alloy distance blocks for the front and rear axles and also for the other important components such as the gear box. This kit allows for the more standard less suited offroad SUV tO be driven through rougher terrain, certainly this kit is of interest to the emergency services as well as the general public. So far we include the Skoda Yeti, Mini Countryman, Ford Kuga and the Seat Ateca in our program.! !

All Delta4x4 lift kits are certified by the German TÜV.

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