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Super Pro Rear Anti Roll bar Ford Ranger- 22m with Adblue

Super Pro Rear Anti Roll bar Ford Ranger- 22m with Adblue

£312.50 (ex. VAT)
22mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar For cars with ADblue

Many contemporary pick-ups – whatever the make and model - are not fitted with rear anti-roll bars from new. Consequently, their long flatbed cargo area and leaf spring suspension layout means that most suffer from a ‘lively ‘ and sometimes unstable back-end. This causes a tendency for the rear to roll when cornering on dry surfaces and to ‘step-out’ on slippery surfaces.

SuperPro Anti-Roll Bar for the Ford Ranger (including an extra bracket to accommodate models fitted with AdBlue tanks.

To counteract this effect, SuperPro has designed an innovative range of anti-roll bars that improve stability, handling and traction - especially when the vehicle is being used on wet roads, towing or carrying heavy loads. 

The main benefit of fitting anti-roll bars, particularly on the rear, is to improve roll resistance and vehicle balance and to help limit the amount of understeer and oversteer. For a pick-up with a flat load area at the rear, this change in characteristic is significant and can provide better overall handling and greater driver control.

The SuperPro anti-roll bars also reduce the variation in the wheel and tyre camber setting due to chassis roll, otherwise known as ‘roll camber’. During cornering the presence of chassis roll usually results in the outside wheels gaining positive camber. By increasing the suspension stiffness and reducing the roll camber effect, the wheels and tyres stay closer to their optimal settings and therefore, a larger patch of the tyre maintains contact with the road surface. This means that lateral grip and straight-line traction are improved. 

With no reduction in suspension articulation or significant change in ground clearance when the SuperPro anti-roll bars are fitted, there are also benefits when the vehicle is being used off road. The linking of the rear axle and chassis on both sides results in the suspension reacting in a more synchronised way that in-turn provides greater traction and stability over uneven terrain.

SuperPro rear anti-roll bars come in a durable, blue powder-coated finish. Each is supplied as a kit that includes mounting brackets, clamps, fitting instructions and a set of the company’s renowned polyurethane suspension bushes that further enhance the operation and longevity of the vehicle’s suspension system. Installation requires no modification of the chassis and OE components and therefore, is a straightforward operation.

Doesn't fitting an anti-roll bar (sway bar) to a pickup reduce it's axle articulation?

Does fitting an anti-roll bar to the rear of a pickup limit it's articulation? Erm, No! Let's start by dealing with a common question we get asked: "Won't fitting a roll-bar to my pickup limit it's ability off-road?". Erm, No! (more detailed answer below)

The biggest resistance to the fitment of bigger anti-roll bars to 4WD vehicles is the flawed concept of the loss of articulation in the suspension. If the replacement anti-roll bars are designed correctly and the anti-roll bar linksare lengthened, replacement anti-roll bars can be fitted with minimal or no loss of articulation. See the image of our Ford Ranger above.

An important point to note is that anti-roll bars are fitted with the axle at full droop so it will not limit articulation!

So, without reducing comfort or articulation, an anti-roll bar will make the suspension system and tyres perform better, making the vehicle more responsive while neutralising understeer. Fitting an anti-roll bar offers all round improvements in handling, tyre wear, comfort, safety and load carrying. It is one of the best handling improvements you can make.

Video of fitting the SuperPro anti-roll bar to our own Ford Ranger Wildtrak. It's worth noting that this particular vehicle has an AdBlue tank fitted which requires an additional bracket (shown in the video) to fix the bar on that side of the vehicle. Even though this vehicle has been raised with our Easy-Lift Kit, you can clearly see how little body-roll there is and the handling is much more predictable and precise.

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