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Xtreme4X4 Dc To Dc Dual Battery Charger For Euro 5 And Euro 6 Vehicles

Xtreme4X4 Dc To Dc Dual Battery Charger For Euro 5 And Euro 6 Vehicles

£249.17 (ex. VAT)

30A converters: Installation Instructions

•This Battery Charger allows you to charge an Auxiliary Battery from a Vehicle Starting Battery

•This unit is suited to Euro 5 and 6 engines ,Smart Alternators , and Vehicles with Regenerative Braking

•The unit is configured for optimum operation with any Lead acid battery and run detection but the Serial

Interface allows the unit to be configured to meet specific battery customer requirements using the Ripca

Software Interface .

•Two Battery Chargers can be used in parallel to allow more current flow to the secondary battery.



Thus unit should be mounted as / the drawing subject to guidelines below .

•Do not fit near heat sources such as exhaust or heater pipes.

•Do not fit near heat sensitive material or components such as other electronic, wiring or plastic

parts as unit case may reach temperatures up to 75deg C.

Orientate so led is easily visible.


The converter should be mounted as close to the battery being charged as possible and connected as

below . The Remote input can be connected to the vehicle ignition or to the input battery . I f

connected to the input battery the unit will only operate when the voltage exceeds 1 2.5V.

I f the input cable needs lengthening it should be at least 6mm sq for up to 1 .5m and at least 1 0

mm sq for longer runs.

Performance of any product can be improved by using thicker supply cable including the

ground connection cable and connecting Vremote (yellow wire) to the input/main starter battery

We recommend fitting a •40A fuse in all supply lines .

•1 A fuse in Vremote (yellow wire)to protect vehicle wiring .

Additional units can be added as shown on drawing below to increase capacity.

Note connection of Black Wire GND to chassis GND NEXT TO SMART ALTERNATOR



Each charger operates as described below :

•The Charger can operate with an input voltage between 8V and 32V.

•The Remote Input voltage controls the Charger turn on/off according to the configuration.

•The Output current is limited at 30A for each Charger.

•In case of a low input voltage (<8V), the output voltage is reduced to prevent damage to the


•The Charger is protected against overheating and resets when it cools down.

•The LED shows the Charger state (Red charging at constant current , Amber -bulk charging ,

Green float charging).

Technical Specifications

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